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Eyes On Watch

Intelligent remote surveillance Management Solutions

Eyes on watch

Eyes On Watch (EOW) is a Live 24x7 Remote Surveillance Management solutions provider capable of monitoring anything, anywhere.EOW Interprets happenings -intelligently for success of businesses. It is Something more than simple monitoring,surveillance & report.

For buisinesses live video feeds & select archieve video footage would help trace ,identify & neutralize adverse happenings.To have a fail proof and proactive surveillance solution, businesses need Eyes On Watch to monitor, alert and manage businesses-intelligently.

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Our Services :
Video Data Mining | Video Data Monitoring



spot & alert on areas on concern
analytical statistics,profiling of visitors & their interests
alerts for value added courtesies
intelligent inputs for lead generation
point-of-sale video recording


Parking bays / Lots

monitoring vehicles
ensuring parking discipline
warn ahead on availablity
locate a parked vecicle
locate and remove suspicious vehicles



monitor critical support services
(O2 plant / operation theatres / medical equipments)
observe patinets critical parameters
enable remote observation with patients consent


Factories / Godowns

anti-espionage screening
monitoring critical instruments
alerts on pre/post-critical events
floor level zooming
records for event analysis

Gas Station

Gas Station

ensure safety through remote eye
alert on run-away vehicles
point-of-sale video recording

public places

Public Places

identify areas of threats & opportunities
alert to neutralize trouble spots, before they arise
ensure orderliness
crowd management solutions
archiving for future reference & mining

Bank Atm

Banks / ATMs

critical multi-dimensional view of operations
spot threats,kill before they arise
real time updates on banking floor operations
ATM transaction video recording


Driveways / Roads

monitor road discipline, spot & escalate violations automatic triggers & streaming serviecs 24x7 crystal clear footages for enforcement & legal records accident mitigation & scrutiny archving for future reference & mining


Hotels & Motels

identify visitors
alert staff on visitors preferences
monitor restaurant area / parking lots / launtry areas
prompt hotel management on areas of oconcern


Buildings / Apartmnets

Spot & identify persons who frequent
Keep vigil on visitors
Secure the interests of the owners
Screening of visitors



screening of threat areas
alert of security sanitization
monitor & alert suspicious movements
help keeping a high alert to avoid mishaps
multi layer view of operational areas

Office work place

Office / Work Place

monitoring critical support services
(lifts/ups/record rooms/ modem & servers etc.)
anti-espionage services
secure business prosperity

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