Video -Data-Mining

Data mining has been in existence ever since business houses became store houses of information as raw data and later understood the value addition that can be provided to customers by pruning and adding more classification and form to the data. Consider this:

Information on the gender, age, occupation and addresses of individuals was data merely used as census until; it was also used to gather information to sell consumer goods by adding one more classification – income groups to the same set of information. This is now used by a wide spectrum of business houses to propagate a variety of products from mobile phones to clubs and resorts.

At eyes on watch we are here to add a new twist to the data your business already has. Your business engages the CCTV to monitor and keep in top shape the safety and related security of your business. In most cases this data is archived for some time and then destroyed after a reasonable period of time. Here is where we can help you make the most of this data. With a live recording of the kind of people who have shown interest in your business, we can add value by using these recordings for follow up calls and appointments that would definitely assist you in business.

Any avenue you place the CCTV becomes an extended sales field for your business. CCTV placed in your stall in an exhibition captures thousands of visitors to your stall. In the traditional format we would be noting down the names and addresses of interested visitors who may be potential clients and hope to call them once the exhibition is over. We may miss out on visitors due to the rush hour or there may be visitors who may not drop in their contact details at all.

When the CCTV captures the body language of the visitors to our stall, we can easily gauge the extent of interest each visitor would have on our services and call back only those who showed an interest in what we do.

The exhibition is just an example. Any avenue where people meet to understand our business is a great place to have the CCTV to capture details of visitors and use the data to create a meaningful list of potential clients whom we should follow up. Our videos are powerful communicators that add a multi dimensional vision to your sales force.

And not just sales. If market research is the need of the hour, we can assist you for that as well. That is why our specialization is our years of dedicated research and development to create the perfect questioning tool to understand and assimilate data in both the qualitative and quantitative format.

Eyes are the windows to the soul of a person! Eyes on watch, gives your business the power of technology aided vision to bring out the best in class services to your customers.

What’s more – Eyes on watch provides an interactive platform to make strategic business decisions by incorporating live market expectations in anything you do – whether it is simply changing your store design and logo or introducing a new feature to your product! Just the way a visitor browses through your store is enough to tell us whether he is a serious buyer or is just checking out the display or competition assessing us!

Eyes on watch take business data mining to the next level. Moving away from the traditional binary response (a “yes” or “no”), it enlarges upon the idea of categorical responses (detailed responses that study response behavior patters) that create a virtual pool of information that can charter the course of your business decisions.

Create an edge over your competition today by understanding your customers by simply understanding their patterns of enquiry and by calling them back with the information they were originally on the look out for!

Make the most of the data already in your hands. Enhance your business strategy by using the data wisely and enjoy visible results instantly.