Video -Monitoring

There always is a big question "What do we do once the cameras are fixed?". Well the next thing is to record and monitor the activities of the areas where cameras are fixed.

The monitoring is generally done at the floor level itself by the owner (in general) who wants to keep an eye of his business. But until recently, the work was done by the store owners at the store premises itself. As the advent of internet has opened big doors, the video signals from the cameras are taken to the mobile phone of the owner, where he gets the convenience of looking at his store from anywhere.

We at EYES ON WATCH recommend the owner to retire from monitoring the CCTV, so he can do other things which might be very useful for his business. It would be wiser for him to spend his valuable time and effort in developing his business. That does not mean that we are asking him to neglect his monitoring, on the other hand he can entrust the monitoring job to EYES ON WATCH and relax. Where EYES ON WATCH will monitor and report on a timely manner.

EYES ON WATCH is capable of monitoring live stream on the web or even can look for happenings from a pre-recorded video.